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Localis is an independent think-tank dedicated to issues related to politics, public service reform and localism. We carry out innovative research, hold events and facilitate an ever growing network of members to stimulate and challenge the current orthodoxy of the governance of the UK.

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Localis essay collection unwraps new ideas to kickstart C19 housing...

Independent think-tank Localis has today set out an ambitious set of innovative and practical ideas from itself and 20 leading housing... read more

25.06.2020 • By Localis

"Use Community Value Charters as fast-track to building back better high...

UNDER EMBARGO 00.01 AM GMT Saturday 20 June: The Grimsey Review ‘Build Back Better, Covid-19 Supplement for town centres, released... read more

19.06.2020 • By Localis

Empower Covid community renewal or sink grass roots recovery hopes,...

Ministers must fund and empower local people to run vital community businesses and service hubs which can help neighbourhoods thrive beyond the... read more

03.06.2020 • By Localis

Learn the local language of place to boost community benefits of social...

The lives of residents must measurably improve as a result of how councils commission and provide local public services, a report by the... read more

16.04.2020 • By Localis

New intake of Conservative MPs set out fresh ideas for new housing...

A group of ten Conservative MPs from the 2019 intake has today set out an ambitious blueprint for the future of housing to rethink the social and... read more

16.03.2020 • By Localis

Local areas will miss opportunities of net zero goals unless Government...

Government must support ambitious local industrial strategies, backed by new funding and devolved powers, to help local areas play their part in... read more

23.10.2019 • By Localis

Put prevention at a premium for place-based health dividend, Localis urges

Ministers should fully fix cuts to public health funding and put a premium on preventative care budgets, targeting resources and funding to parts... read more

06.09.2019 • By Localis

Hit reset button with Whitehall and plot fresh roadmap for local...

A renewed relationship of trust and respect is needed between local and central government if we are to restore economic purpose and provide... read more

15.05.2019 • By Localis

New productivity deals must fill place of ‘doughnut economies’ for local...

A renewed relationship is needed between local economic anchors (an area’s major wealth creators) and ‘place’ to deliver local economic success;... read more

24.04.2019 • By Localis

Government must unlock infrastructure investment to power local clean...

Embargo date: from 00.01 a.m., Thursday, 14 February 2019 Ministers must use the forthcoming Spending Review to tie funding for vital public... read more

14.02.2019 • By Localis

Major rethink needed to prevent millions missing out on benefits of...

Embargo date: from 00.01 a.m., Thursday, 10 January 2019 EV infrastructure roll-out risks exacerbating UK social divides, with some... read more

10.01.2019 • By Localis

Better behaviour and greater transparency in local outsourcing needed to...

Failure by private firms to reform behaviour and improve how they deliver local public services could land councils with a mammoth and... read more

30.10.2018 • By Localis

Local services come back fighting off the ropes, analysis shows

The extent to which vital local authorities have displayed resilient aptitude in delivering and maintaining vital public services in the teeth of... read more

15.08.2018 • By Localis

Rising to the automation challenge: Localis responds to 35th British...

Localis head of data research, Joe Fyans , said: “Young people are right to be phlegmatic about the rise of the robots in the workplace. However,... read more

10.07.2018 • By Localis

Localis announces new chief executive

Localis, the leading independent think-tank dedicated to issues related to localism and local government, has appointed Jonathan Werran as its... read more

03.07.2018 • By Localis


Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire, today announced plans to lift the Housing Revenue Account... read more

26.06.2018 • By Localis

Most people prepared to pay extra tax to fund better local services,...

The majority of people would be willing to pay more in council tax or voluntary one-off levies to better fund particular local services across the... read more

25.06.2018 • By Localis

Embargoed: 00.01 a.m. Monday 25 June: Most people prepared to pay extra...

Embargo date: from 00.01 a.m., Monday, 25 June 2018 The majority of people would be willing to pay more in council tax or voluntary one-off... read more

22.06.2018 • By Localis

Official Launch of #GrimseyReview2 - Wednesday 4 July

Official Launch of #GrimseyReview2 ‘An Alternative Future For Our Towns And Cities’ Wednesday 4 July from 8.15 a.m. at the... read more

15.06.2018 • By Localis

"People don’t feel pay rewards workplace efforts, report on industrial...

A growing disconnect between people’s efforts at the workplace and how well they feel their bosses reward them risks stalling Government’s... read more

26.03.2018 • By Localis

Divert unspent apprenticeship cash to improve local skills provision,...

Localis press release Embargo date: from 00.01 am, Friday 16 March 2018 Government should scoop up millions of pounds worth of funds lying... read more

15.03.2018 • By Localis

Enterprising universities must boldly grow student business leaders,...

Embargo date: from 00.01 am, Tuesday, 27 February 2018 More than a third (35%) of higher education bodies fail to produce a single graduate... read more

26.02.2018 • By Localis


The highest rates of employment growth are concentrated in the places that voted to leave the European Union, Localis said today (Wednesday 24... read more

24.01.2018 • By Localis

LEPs not suited for growth role, Industrial Strategy architects warn

In response to today's publication of the Industrial Strategy White Paper, Localis chief executive, Liam Booth-Smith, said: “The decision to... read more

26.11.2017 • By Localis

A Budget for housing? Localis responds to Budget 2017

Press release Immediate release, Wednesday 22 November 2017 Responding to today’s Budget announcement, Localis chief executive, Liam... read more

22.11.2017 • By Localis

English workforce failings could sink post-Brexit economy, study warns

Press release Embargo date: from 05.00 a.m. Monday 6 November 2017 English workforce failings could sink post-Brexit economy,... read more

06.11.2017 • By Localis

Boost deposit savings to reignite home-ownership dream, urges Localis

Employers and government should both chip in to radically quicken the time taken for first-time buyers to save house deposits through the... read more

16.10.2017 • By Localis

Neo-localism – rediscovering the nation

Independent think-tank Localis has today issued a collection of essays from leading political experts and analysts exploring themes of place,... read more

11.10.2017 • By Localis

Building to scale? Localis response to Theresa May's speech to...

In response to today’s conference speech by Conservative Party leader Theresa May, in which she called for government to “get back into the... read more

04.10.2017 • By Localis

AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE? LOCALIS response to Jeremy Corbyn's speech to...

In response to today's conference speech by leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn, in which he will call for the establishment of a National... read more

27.09.2017 • By Localis